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Passport 101: Avoid Losing Out on the Trip of a Lifetime

Before traveling internationally, always check your passport expiration date and the expiration regulations for the country you’re traveling to.. or else you could end up missing the trip of a lifetime.

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Traveling to Europe: What to Wear

I would need to use up at least both Tommy and I’s luggage, meaning Tommy’s gonna end up wearing the same clothes every day, and well, that’s just not cool haha. So, make sure as you’re starting to set up day to day outfits that…

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Preparing for your International Trip & The Travel Essentials

I’ve been making note of everything I’ve done and started a checklist to help you all in case you’re traveling to another country and are unaware of what you should have prepared!

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5 Fall Porch Decorations that will LEAF you Feeling Festive

I picked up a few things along the way, pinned every aesthetically pleasing pic on Pinterest for a little inspo and now I’m here to bring you 5 Fall Porch Decorations that will LEAF you Feeling Festive. And yes, the pun is very much so intended hahaha.

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The Top Most Influential Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do when I’m driving in the car, doing cardio, or getting ready for the day is to listen to a podcast. Instead of spending empty time like that listening to music or sitting in silence, I like to spend my time wisely and learn a little!

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