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Creating Our Dream Home Gym

Ever since I started getting into fitness I have dreamed of having a home gym.

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How Acupuncture Has Helped Me

This year I’m focusing on taking care of myself first, and because of that, I decided to give Acupuncture a try.

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How to Start (Fall in Love with) Running

Running to me is an outlet. Whenever I’m having a bad day, am not in a good mood, or just feel down, I turn to running. Ever heard of that thing called a runner’s high? It truly is an unexplainable feeling; it’s one that I crave, and one that I want all of you to feel.

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The Top Most Influential Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do when I’m driving in the car, doing cardio, or getting ready for the day is to listen to a podcast. Instead of spending empty time like that listening to music or sitting in silence, I like to spend my time wisely and learn a little!

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4 Best Gym Shoes for Every Workout

Shoes may be the most frequently purchased item in my entire closet – and for good reason! There are different types of shoes you need (or in my case want) for different occasions – including workouts!

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I’m Laura Julaine, a small-town Wisconsin girl and newlywed wildly in love, who’s motivated by sunshine, Jesus and inspiring you to stop existing and start living.

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