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Nursery Reveal

Putting together inspiration for our little girls nursery was my favorite. It also was a great way to distract me during pregnancy when I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

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What’s In My Hospital Bag

I’m not sure why packing a hospital bag for delivery always seemed so intimidating to me, but I promise it’s not that scary!

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Pictures of items on registry

Top Baby Registry Items

I never realized how overwhelming creating a baby registry would be, until I started doing one. Why do babies need so much stuff?!?

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I’m Pregnant! 1st Trimester Recap

I’m Pregnant! I can’t believe I’m actually writing this!!    Before I get into all the details of 1st Trimester, let me say …

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2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, & PARENTS

Welcome to my 2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, and PARENTS! It’s time for the Holidays which means it’s also time to grab some gifts …

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I’m Laura Julaine, a small-town Wisconsin girl and newlywed wildly in love, who’s motivated by sunshine, Jesus and inspiring you to stop existing and start living.

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