Favorite Toddler Toys

I wanted to share some of Mia's favorite toys that she always seems to play with the longest and be the most interested in.

Before getting into the blog post I want to remind you guys that toddlers really don’t need much. Sometimes Mia seems to be the most entertained with plastic bags, helping with chores around the house, and playing outside. In fact, outdoor play really is the best type of play they can have – let nature be their toy! And it’s free ;).

However, I know that isn’t always doable depending on where you live, the weather, and let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a few minutes to get stuff done. I’ll be sharing some of Mia’s favorite toys along with things that will be going on her Birthday wish list! Also, if you ever need help with toys, Jerrica Sannes (Raise Wildflowers) is my GO TO source for all things independent play/toy related. She has a “shop” part of her website with a ton of good toy links. You’ll see some repeated here as well ;). Alright, let’s get into it!


Outdoor Play:


1. Tricycle

This is going on Mia’s birthday list. She has a little balance bike (linked next) that she got for her first birthday and absolutely LOVES it. However, it’s time to upgrade and get her used to using pedals versus her feet.

2. Balance Bike

As I mentioned above, this has been one of Mia’s favorite toys she got for her 1st birthday. She didn’t show much interest in it until she was about 15 months but now she buzzes around so fast on it.

3. Chalk

Although she still sometimes tries to eat the chalk, she has recently become so interested in playing with it. Watching her little creative brain work while she uses it is my favorite.

4. Convertible Picnic Table

This table was one of my favorite purchases I’ve made. It can be a picnic table for the them to eat on but also a sensory table for them to play in! Add some water, sand, etc. and let them have fun.

5. Play Sink

If you need something to entertain your toddler for HOURS, this is it. However, tip with this is when you’re done using it, pull the faucet part of it out and let it dry out. Otherwise the motor on it gets ruined easily and will stop working.

6. Volleyball

You can never go wrong with any type of balls for toddlers – basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs, etc. Mia loves all of them!

7. Tongs

These can be used for both indoor and outdoor play but Mia tends to have more fun with them outside. Also great for motor skills! She loves picking up rocks, wood chips, etc. with them.

8. Insect Basket

Mia got really into bugs the past few months so I got this basket of insects and she’s been loving them!

9. Beach Toys

In case you have any beach trips planned, this could be a great gift to grab! Mia actually loved playing in the dirt with this too.

10. Kinetic Sand

This is hit or miss with her. Some days she loves playing with it, other days she just throws it everywhere and has no interest. I’m thinking the older she gets, the more she will like it.

11. Garbage Truck

I’m not sure what it is about this truck but Mia LOVES it. She will push it outside forever, it’s actually really cute :).

12. Watering Can

One of my favorite toys because she can help water the flowers/grass while still having fun playing outside!


Indoor Play:


1. Dollhouse

The exact dollhouse Mia has was actually mine when I was a little girl but it’s by the brand PlanToys which is one of my favorite brands for toys. However, if I were to buy her one, this is the one I’d get!

2. Train Set

Tenderleaf is one of my favorite brands for toys, and this train set is amazing. She loves figuring out how to put the parts together

3. Climbing Set

This was a gift for her 1st birthday but she really didn’t show much interest in it until recently. Now she absolutely LOVES it!

4. Toddler Tower

Although this isn’t really a “toy” it does allow them to be able to help in the kitchen, which is one of Mia’sย favorite things to do. If there was anything I would label as a must have for a toddler, it would be this.

5. Wooden Balance Board

She hasn’t showed much interest in this quite yet but I think she will start to like it the older she gets when she figures out she can lay on it, etc.

6. Mega Legos

These legos were a Christmas gift last year and she has so much fun building towers with them. One of my favorite things to watch her do :).

7. Building Blocks

Another item that she hasn’t showed much interest in until recently but when she gets started on building blocks, she won’t stop!

8. Magna-Tiles

These are a toy that I feel like almost all toddlers love. Something about the magnets that draws them in lol!

9. Domino Set

She doesn’t quite understand the concept of dominos yet but she loves setting these up around the house. I’m sure this will be a timeless toy that she will grow to love.

10. Sorting Board

Every time she plays with this I’m shocked that she knows what to do. She always matches everything up perfectly, it’s crazy!

11. Pull Along Frog

I don’t know what it is about this frog but she takes it everywhere. She always giggles when she pulls it around too, it’s so cute.

12. Toy School Bus

Talk about a toy that shocked me…this one. She will sit in her play room and take the figurines out of the bus and put them back in for an hour LOL. No clue why she loves this so much but she does!

13. Dress up Puzzle

Although it’s not fun to pick up all of the pieces to this toy, she absolutely loves it and has so much fun trying to match the pieces together.

14. Barn

Mia’s absolute favorite thing is farm animals, so this toy is right up her ally. She loves putting the animals in the barn and then playing pretend with them.

15. Wooden Cars

I love toys like this because it forces her to use her imagination, which is the best thing for kids to do.

16. Musical Instruments

I don’t know many toddlers that don’t love making music, Mia is definitely one that LOVES it!

17. Strolley

This little stroller has about 100,000 miles on it LOL. Mia pushes this thing everywhere. It’s hilarious the things she puts inside of it, never a doll, always random stuff haha.

18. Crayons

Like the chalk, we are still working on her not eating the crayons but she has gotten better recently! These crayons are a favorite

19. Coloring Book

Love this coloring book for toddlers because all of the pictures are really big and easy for them to learn how to color within the lines!

20. Play Kitchen

Mia goes in phases with her play kitchen. I think she loves helping in theย realย kitchen so much that she doesn’t really like her play kitchen as much. But some days she LOVES it!



Mia loves almost ALLLLLLL books, but these are her top favorite ones!

1. Gruffalo
2. Leaf Thief
3. Pete the Cat
4. If You Give a Moose a Muffin
5. When I am Big
6. Pout Pout Fish
7. Dear Zoo
8. First 100 Words
9. A is for Apple
10. Brown Bear
11. We’re Different, We’re the Same
12. Learning Library


Wow I know this was a lot and if you’re still here reading, thank you! Sorry it got long but I wanted to make this as detailed as possible. Feel free to share with grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. when it’s your little ones birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚


Peace & Love,

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