Favorite Cold Weather Gear for Kids

As we enter the colder months, one of the biggest hurdles is keeping our kids warm while playing outside.

I live in one of the coldest states in the country (Wisconsin), so trust me when I say I’ve trialed all of the cold weather gear! The thing I’ve learned time and time again when it comes to cold gear is that you get what you pay for.

You can buy cheap coats that have a cute design, but they probably won’t keep your little ones warm for very long. I know it can seem silly to spend so much on cold weather gear when they can usually only wear it for a season. However, if you plan on having multiple kids, buy gender neutral coats, hats, mittens, etc. so you can get more use out of them with future kids!

Alright, let’s get into my favorite cold weather gear for kids!

1. Jackets

My favorite jacket brand is Patagonia. Their jackets keep you SO warm and they fit so well. When it comes to jackets, not many are safe to have your kids wear while in a car seat, however, there is one from this brand that is still car seat safe! (according to @thecarseatlady on Instagram, who is a certified car seat technician).

    • Down Sweater Jacket. This is the one that is car seat safe IF it is fitted properly – make sure it isn’t too big! An easy way to test is to put your child in the car seat without the jacket on and make a mark with a colored pencil where the chest strap tightens to. Then put them in the car seat with the jacket on and see if you can get it to the same tightness. Being that this jacket is down, it compresses well but still keeps kiddos warm. This is the jacket I use(d) for both my daughter when she was under 1 and now my son (6 months).
    • All Seasons 3-in-1 Jacket. Although not car seat safe, this jacket is so great for toddlers. It has 2 layers that can be taken apart, so you really have 3 jackets in one. A little sweatshirt, a rain jacket, or a warm winter coat. I can’t believe how warm this keeps Mia when she’s playing outside. I always worry that she’s getting cold, but I stick my hand on her back and she’s SO warm!
2. Snowsuits

Snowsuits can be nice instead of having a jacket/snow pant combo, especially for toddlers who don’t like to keep their clothes on (my daughter). It’s also super easy to throw on the whole snow suit versus having 2 separate pieces.

    • North Face Baby Freedom Snow Suit: My favorite thing about this one is that it’s also waterproof. You don’t have to worry about them getting wet and that soaking into their base layer. You can tell this was made so well for babies/toddlers with their added features!
    • Patagonia Hi-Loft Sweater Bunting. Talk about a WARM snowsuit! Insulated with down keeps little ones so warm in this. One of my favorite things about this one is that the outer and inner linings are PFC free DWR finishes which basically means they don’t have added chemicals.
    • Gap One Piece Puffer. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective snowsuit, this is a great one. I used this for Mia last winter and it kept her very warm! However, just keep in mind that it wasn’t extremely waterproof. I noticed that wetness would start to seep through after being in the snow for awhile.
3. Snow pants
    • Snow Pile Bib Pant. These are some of the WARMEST snow pants ever, which is probably why they come with a hefty price tag. I love the feature of the strap to go under boots to help secure them even more.
    • Colombia Snow Pants. Way more affordable option that are still extremely durable and keep your kiddo warm. However, I do still think the bibs above do a better job at keeping them dry!
4. Base Layers

When it comes to base layers for kids to go under their coats/snow suits, I would recommend always looking for wool over cotton. Wool keeps you so much warmer and cotton, if wet, will hold in that wetness and make them cold. Merino wool is my favorite for base layers. There are a lot of companies out there that have wool base layers but the brand Reima has become my new favorite. They have a ton of base layer options on their website!

5. Hats

Don’t let me fool you here – I definitely have a ton of cute matching hats with Mia but I also have practical ones that are warm. My mom always told me if your ears are warm, the rest of you will be warm and I truly believe that. Anytime I’m cold it’s most likely because I don’t have a hat on! Go quality over cute here!

    • Reima Beanie. Made with merino wool, this hat will keep your kids warm, trust me!
    • Smartwool Beanie. This is another great brand for warm weather gear!
    • Infant hat. For really little babies, having the under flap to hold their hat on is super helpful. With how much they twist and turn their head, hats can slip right off of them!
    • Reima Balaclava. If you are going outside on a super cold day, layering with a balaclava can be super helpful for added warmth. This brand again, is my favorite. 🙂
6. Mittens
    • Infant Mittens. I got these for Mia when she was first born and she’s now 2 and has warm them 3 winter seasons! They were obviously big on her the first year and she just had her hand in fists but they kept her so warm!
    • Reima Insulated Mittens. Love these ones because they come up so high and can easily go over their coat. They also come with a tightening strap that can go around their wrist to ensure they don’t fall down.
7. Boots
    • Ten Little Winter Boots. I love these because they not only keep Mia’s feet so warm but they are also non restrictive for foot development. The soles are flat, flexible, and the toe space is wide!
    • Infant Boots. These are great little booties if you have a smaller baby. They are so warm and again like the above boots, non restrictive.
8. Other
    • Toddler Wool Socks. If you’re wanting some warms socks to have under the boots, these are great – made from my favorite Merino wool!
    • Infant Wool Socks. These are a great option for warm socks for little babies! Again, made from merino wool.
    • Stroller Cover. This stroller cover is specific to the stroller we have – the Uppa Baby Vista. However, depending on what stroller you have, you might be able to find one for yours. These are great for cooler walks in the winter. They keep little ones so cozy warm!


Whew! I think that is everything, I hope it helps give you ideas for keeping your kiddos warm in these colder months! Don’t be afraid to let your kids play outside when it’s cold, just make sure they’re dressed properly and they’ll have plenty of fun. 🙂


Peace & Love,

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