2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, & PARENTS

Welcome to my 2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, and PARENTS! It’s time for the Holidays which means it’s also time to grab some gifts for your loved ones. This year I thought I would help all of you out a bit with some general gift ideas! Whether you’re buying for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or even father.. these are some of mine and Tommy’s favorites. Keep reading for the Gifts for Her and Parents below!


1. Golf Net

Make sure you measure the space you have at home because this is huge! Also, we are only able to use our wedges and irons because our ceilings aren’t tall enough to use our drivers/woods so be aware of this too.. but it’s the perfect gift for your man that golfs! (see #2 for another part of this gift)

2. Golf Mat

This may seem expensive but you want to make sure you have a high quality mat so you don’t have to worry about scuffing the floor!

3. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Great to carry along in the golf cart, on the boat, on the patio while grilling, etc!

4. Men’s Waterproof Boots

These are not only waterproof, high quality, and warm, but they can also be dressed up for dinner out!

5. Kiehl’s Facewash

I got this moisturizer for Tommy and he loves it, it also has SPF in it, which is a secret way of getting our men to wear SPF!

6. Oakley Sunglasses

Tommy’s all time favorite sunglasses for any and every event!

7. State & Liberty Shirt

For the athletic built men out there.. get them this shirt! It’s extremely stretchy and actually fits their shoulders/back/lats! Another one of Tommy’s faves 🙂

8. Ear and Nose Trimmer

This was the first thing Tommy said when I asked him to help me with this… idk if he just has lots of nose hair but.. maybe get one for your man too? Hahahhahha

9. Devil in the White City

Tommy’s most recent favorite book, he swears all men will like this!

10. Tie Clip

According to Tommy, every man needs a tie clip. And it’s one of those things you don’t realize you need until you go to put a tie on and you don’t have one… so get your men a dang tie clip!




Continuing on with my Gift Guide, this one is all about the ladies! There is a little bit of everything included in this list. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend, mom, grandma, girlfriend, or wife… I know you will find something special for her on this list.

1. Chunky Necklace

This has been my go-to necklace recently and I’m in love. All women need this!

2. Redeeming Love Christian Book

This book changed my life this year and it’s going to be something I read every year going forward. It is so good and heart warming.

3. Sorel Winter Boots

I’ve had these for like 5 years and they still appear brand new. I am obsessed with them.. if your girl lives somewhere cold, get here these!!

4. Tom Ford Perfume

I found this scent back in January and it’s my favorite. It’s very subtle, classy, and elegant.

5. Glow Weekly Pads

I don’t have much to say about these other than every woman will love them. You wake up feeling like you just had a facial and your skin will SHINE! Get them here from my friend Racquel (ROCKYNP will save you 10% too!)

6. Too Faced Mascara

My holy grail, favorite ever mascara. It makes your eyelashes look FAKE!!

7. Commando Bodysuit

The softest bodysuit I’ve ever put on, it truly is like wearing butter!! It runs true to size!

8. Wedding Album

I actually made this for myself hahhah but it is a great gift to give a woman! It doesn’t even have to be a wedding album but maybe just an album of when you met, etc. Elizabeth does all the work for you, the only thing you have to do is provide her with the photos!

9. Gucci Belt

Classy, cute, and will never go out of style! An investment, but it will make a woman happy!

10. North Face Vest

I’ve had my black vest for at least 6 years and its something (in my opinion) that will never go out of style! Perfect for all seasons and layering!




The last and final section in this gift guide is for PARENTS! Not sure if it’s just my parents, but holy crap.. they are by far the hardest to shop for. It seems if they need something, they just go out and buy it. When it comes time to buy them gifts, I’m stuck buying my dad a flannel and my mom a scarf, every single year. Any who, no more worries for you or I because I got creative this year.

1. Reflections of Christ Painting

I hope my mom doesn’t read this because this is what I got her for Christmas! It’s such a beautiful piece and if your parents are Christian, this is perfect!

2. Breville Espresso Machine

This would be a great gift to go in on with your siblings! We have had ours for over 2 years and it’s the best espresso machine ever!

3. Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets

Talk about sleeping on a cloud… your parents will love you forever if you grab them some of these, trust me!!

4. Wedding Album

Copying this from the women’s gift guide.. but your parents would love a wedding book! And if you don’t want to pay for this, you could easily make one yourself on Shutterfly!

5. Pura Diffuser

We loveeee our pura so much! You can control it by an app on your phone and turn it on and off, it also has a night light setting!

6. Insta Pot

A kitchen gadget that I cannot recommend more! It has become one of my new favorite tools and you can do SO many things with it, it cooks things so quickly!

7. Airline Gift Card

Obviously the world is in a weird place today right now.. but a gift card to Southwest, United, American Airlines, etc. is a great idea to use for the future!

8. Local Restaurant Gift Card

Another great gift that you can be 100% certain will get used, it can also help support local businesses during these hard times!

9. Bose Wave System

My mom has had this for probably 15 years and still loves it to this day! Parents love to just sit and listen to music or listen to it with their friends.. highly recommend this speaker!

10. Wine Or Coffee Monthly Subscription

The wine subscription I found to be good is here – https://www.elicit.wine/subscribe you can choose a frequency, shipping address, and types! You could give them a 6 month subscription, just don’t forget to cancel it! Coffee subscription: https://beanbox.com similar to the wine one you can pick coffee beans and choose the frequency and type!


Until next time.

Peace & Love,
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