Holiday Gift Guide Series: FOR PARENTS

I don't know what parent wouldn't be thrilled to get any of these gifts!Β 

The last and final gift guide series is for PARENTS! If you haven’t read my two other gift guides, here is the one for men, and here is the one for women! Not sure if it’s just my parents, but holy crap.. they are by far the hardest to shop for. It seems if they need something, they just go out and buy it. When it comes time to buy them gifts, I’m stuck buying my dad a flannel and my mom a scarf, every single year. Any who, no more worries for you or I because I got creative this year. I don’t know what parent wouldn’t be thrilled to get any of these gifts!

  1. Espresso Machine: This is definitely a splurge but your parents will freak out if you get them this. It is the best purchase Tommy and I have ever made, no joke!
  2. Yeti Cooler:Β What mom and/or dad wouldn’t be excited about a brand new Yeti Cooler? I know mine would! I really hope my dad isn’t reading this because this is what I’m getting him haha πŸ˜‰
  3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This is great for any kind of entertaining that your parents may do. It’s a very high quality speaker as well!
  4. Essential Oil Diffuser: Another one of my favorite purchases I’ve made this year. I keep ours in our bedroom and anytime I turn ours on, our room always feels so fresh!
  5. Dyson Vacuum: Tommy and I got this when we moved into our house in July and I am still blown away at how nice this thing is. It picks up SO MUCH dirt and dust, it’s crazy!
  6. Electric CorkScrew: For all those wine drinking parents, they need this! No more having to worry about getting the cork stuck in the bottle.
  7. Knife Set: Having a high quality knife set is everything, I actually may be purchasing this for us this year!
  8. Instant Pot: The biggest life savor to ever exist. You can literally cook ANYTHING in the instant pot and it cooks things so fast, it’s crazy! One of my favorite items in our kitchen for sure.
  9. Yeti Tumbler: Going along with number two but a little more affordable are these Tumblers! Perfect gift because who doesn’t love ice cold water or hot coffee?!
  10. Kitchen Aid: Another staple in our kitchen, you’re parents will be shocked if you surprise them with this. A great appliance to bake a ton of Christmas cookies in too! πŸ™‚


Until next time.

Peace & Love,
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