Holiday Gift Guide Series: FOR HIM

Whether you're buying for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or even father.. these are some of mine and Tommy's favorites.

It’s time for the Holidays! This means it’s also time to grab some gifts for your loved ones, and this year I thought I would help all of you out a bit with some Christmas present ideas! This is the first series out of three, with a focus on gifts for him. Whether you’re buying for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or even father.. these are some of mine and Tommy’s favorites. Stay tuned for the Gifts for Her and Gifts for Parents blog posts coming soon!

All items are numbered, linked and detailed below! 🙂


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  1. Fire Stick: This would be a great gift for any men out there who loveeee TV shows, sports, Netflix, etc. It’s a package deal and includes things like Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, ESPN, HBO, and more. 
  2. Bose Headphones: Tommy got me these headphones for my birthday and I have never been more impressed with a pair of headphones in my life. They completely drown out ALL sound and are totally worth the money.
  3. Bose Speaker: Bouncing off number two, Bose speakers, in my opinion, are some of the highest quality speakers out there. This would be a perfect gift for not only him but you too ;).
  4. Necklace: I got Tommy one of these chain/coin necklaces for our Anniversary this year and I was shocked how much he loved it! It can really pull together and dress up an outfit.
  5. Herschel Backpack: Another one of Tommy’s favorites! You can fit so much in this backpack and it even has a separate pocket for a laptop. He took this with us to Italy, wore it around every day, and loved it.
  6. Bomber Jacket: A perfect way to add a little style into your man’s closet! Bomber jackets are something that can be thrown over almost every outfit and still look good!
  7. Fossil Wallet: If your man is anything like Tommy, they have a beat up wallet from the 1800s stuffed full with cards… so this will be going on Tommy’s Christmas List this year!
  8. Cuts Shirts: This company has some pretty simple yet high quality shirts for men, that are also very comfortable. They also offer a subscription service which is perfect for those guys who don’t like to shop!
  9. Paige Jeans: I got Tommy to try a pair of these on last time we were at Nordstrom and he is in love! He actually made sure I had this on the list haha! They’re a bit of a splurge but well worth the investment!
  10. Fossil Watch: You can never go wrong with buying your man a nice watch! Fossil has always been my favorite and most reliable watch brand I’ve bought from.
  11. Rain Jacket: Another request from Tommy… because all men need a rain jacket! Marmot is a very very high quality brand as well!
  12. Lululemon Joggers: For those men who love lounging.. these are just what they need! Perfect for Football Sunday’s 🙂
  13. Vineyard Vines Zip-up: This list is basically all of Tommy’s favorite things, but this is for sure one of them. Again a bit of an investment but totally worth it for a nice quality item of clothing!
  14. Yeti Cooler: Your man will freak if you get him this, trust me! If they complain about their beer not being cold, they need this.
  15. Carhartt Hat: Simple yet stylish hat that can be worn working outside or out for the night!
  16. Hydroflask: What man doesn’t love ice cold water? Haha kidding I made that up! But I don’t know anything better than a nice water bottle that keeps your drinks cold!
  17. APL Shoes: A favorite of not only Tommy’s but mine as well! APL shoes are so so so comfortable but also very stylish!
  18. Oakley Sunglasses: And last but not least… Tommy’s favorite sunglasses! We can’t sit in the car for 2 minutes without him putting these on.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
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