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Healthy Breakfast – Egg White Bites

My inspiration for this recipe came from the last time I was traveling and decided to order Starbucks Egg White & Red Pepper Bites.
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Easy Protein Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight oatmeal is one of my favorite on-the-go breakfast meals. It’s a great breakfast to make ahead of time and there are endless ingredient combinations ...
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Vacationing in Manhattan Beach, California

If you’re looking for a mini vacation, but not wanting to leave the country, GO TO CALIFORNIA.
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Traveling to Portland, Oregon

Portland is a beautiful city with tons of yummy restaurants, cute coffee shops, and wonderful shopping.
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Healthy Grocery Shopping Checklist

Going to the grocery store can be one of the most dreadful tasks, especially if you don’t really have a game plan for what you ...
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I’m Laura Julaine, a small-town Wisconsin girl and newlywed wildly in love, who’s motivated by sunshine, Jesus and inspiring you to stop existing and start living.

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