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2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, & PARENTS

Welcome to my 2020 Gift Guide for HIM, HER, and PARENTS! It’s time for the Holidays which means it’s also time to grab some gifts for your loved ones. This year I thought I would help all of you out a bit with some general gift ideas! Whether you’re buying for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend,

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Italy: Top 10 Travel Tips

My husband and I recently went on an 8 day (was supposed to be 9, but check out this blog post to see why our trip got cut a day short) trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to celebrate our one year Anniversary. It has been a dream of mine to go to Italy

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Traveling to Europe: What to Wear

I would need to use up at least both Tommy and I’s luggage, meaning Tommy’s gonna end up wearing the same clothes every day, and well, that’s just not cool haha. So, make sure as you’re starting to set up day to day outfits that…

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