What’s In My Hospital Bag

I'm not sure why packing a hospital bag for delivery always seemed so intimidating to me, but I promise it's not that scary!

I heard so many things from people saying “Don’t forget XYZ” and it stressed me out so much. However, once I made my list and started packing it was a breeze.

Let me remind you that I am a first time mom, I’ve never given birth or been through this. What I’m packing in my hospital bag may not be necessary but I feel good about everything I’ve packed. I think that’s the most important part – if you feel confident about what you’re packing, that’s all that matters! I did get a lot of recommendations from you guys on what I should consider bringing – so thank you for your input!

Alright, let’s get into everything I’ve got in my bag! I’m going to try to break it into categories to make it easier for you guys to follow along with.


Clothes for Me:
  1. Shower Shoes. Needed for when I take that first post delivery shower and I won’t have to step on the tile that everyone else does. I got these cheap flip flops from old navy!
  2. Slippers. These will be nice to walk around the hospital in during labor and after!
  3. Nursing Bras. I packed two, so I can use one in the hospital and one to wear home. I went with size medium and they’re a bit big on me but I know milk will fill me up!
  4. Nursing Tanks. I have a feeling I’ll be very warm post partum because I’ve been warm this entire pregnancy, so I’m packing one nursing tank top to have as an option in the hospital.
  5. Labor Gown. This is completely not needed because the hospital provides gowns but I wanted to have my own. I have slept overnight in a hospital gown before and my skin was SO itchy. I’m not sure if it was the detergent or material but I didn’t want to have that happen again.
  6. Button Up Nightgown. The Stars Above material at target is the best material EVER. This nightgown is amazing because it has buttons so easy access for breastfeeding and skin to skin. I’m only packing 1 but I bought 2 more to have at home!
  7. Robe. Another item that was highly recommended for skin to skin/nursing! Same material as the above nightgown.
  8. Pajama Set. I’m bringing one pair of pajamas, not sure if they will get used but I feel like it’s good to have! Again, that same soft and stretchy material as above.
  9. Fuzzy, Non-Slip Socks. Bringing two pair of these to wear in my room in case my feet get cold.
  10. Going Home Outfit. Aerie Foldover Joggers and Matching Top. These are honestly the best joggers I’ve ever had in my life. The material is SO extremely stretchy and soft. I also had someone tell me on IG that she had a c-section and these pants were great to wear home because they didn’t touch her incision. That’s why I decided to wear them going home, just in case I need a c-section they will work as well. Being that it will most likely be cold in Wisconsin when I have her, I’ll probably wear a lighter jacket too.
Toiletries for me:

I’m not going to link every single item because most of these things can just be found in Target’s travel section.. but I’ll still list out everything I packed!

  1. Chapstick – people said this was a MUST
  2. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins
  3. Hand Lotion
  4. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  5. Face Wash & Moisturizer
  6. Body wash
  7. Dry Shampoo/Shampoo & Conditioner
Post Partum/Breastfeeding Necessities:
  1. Epsom Salt. This will obviously have to be run past your doctor/post partum nurses but I had one of my friends tell me this helped a ton. I packed a little baggie of it to dump in the tub and take a bath post partum, it can help with recovery!
  2. Disposable Diapers. The hospital will most likely provide these but I’ve heard the hospital ones aren’t the best and I should bring my own comfortable ones. I have about 5-6 of these packed.
  3. Peri Bottle. Another thing usually provided by the hospital, but I’ve heard this one is WAY better than the one they have.
  4. Perineal Spray. Again, provided by the hospital, but I’ve heard great things about this brand.
  5. Smooth Move Tea. To help with that first bathroom run after delivery.
  6. Nipple Cream. I was told this can be very helpful for nursing the first day or so.
  7. Silver Nursing Cups. I heard these are one of the best things to bring to the hospital if you’re breastfeeding to help with the nipple pain!
  8. Boppy Nursing Pillow. I’m not sure this is entirely necessary but it was highly recommended by quite a few people to make feeding easier in the hospital. I also got this really cute cover for mine – here it is!
  9. Breast Pump. I won’t physically be using this in the hospital but the Lactation Consultants can size me for the flanges as well as help teach me how to use it.
Technology/Things to use during labor:
  1. Portable essential oil diffuser. Obviously not necessary but my doula recommended this and I’m a big fan of essential oils. Growing up my mom always gave me peppermint oil when I was sick to my stomach and it helped me so much. I’m going to bring peppermint and lavender with me. Peppermint for nausea and lavender to help calm me. This will also hopefully help block out the hospital smell.
  2. Camera. We have a nice Sony camera that I’m going to bring to take photos, but obviously a cell phone works fine too 🙂
  3. Portable Speaker. I got this for Tommy for Christmas last year to use for golf, but who knew it would get put to use during labor LOL. Country music puts me in a good mood and calms me down, so I will absolutely be playing it over this speaker during labor!
  4. Portable Sound Machine. This can be great for the baby to help during naps and to calm down. I also think Tommy and I will use it to try and get some sleep as well!
  5. Portable Fan. I think I’m going to LOVE clipping this onto the hospital bed to use during labor. As I mentioned before I’ve been hot this entire pregnancy so I’m sure I’ll be very sweaty during labor as well.
  6. Big Water Bottle. Will be great to help keep me hydrated during labor!
  7. Extra Long Phone Cord. This was hands down the most commonly recommended item to bring. I’m assuming it’s because an outlet isn’t close to the bed I’ll be in and then I won’t be able to charge my phone and have it at the same time!
  1. My own pillow. Hospital pillows STINK and I can never sleep with a bad pillow.
  2. Lots of snacks. I haven’t packed all of these yet but I’m the snack queen so I won’t be skipping out in this area. Lots of higher protein snacks to keep both Tommy and myself full. Nuts, protein bars, beef sticks, etc.
  3. Gatorade/Powerade. I need this to make sure my electrolytes are on point!
  4. Gum/Mints
  5. Ginger Chews. I used these during 1st trimester when I had bad nausea but I’ve heard nausea can happen during labor too.
  6. Reds & Greens Travel Packs For that first post partum bathroom trip. I know these will be a life savor!
For Baby:
  1. Car seat & base. The car seat we went with is the Clek Liing infant seat and we love it!
  2. Car Seat Cover. This isn’t necessary for everyone, but being that we live in Wisconsin and have unpredictable weather.. I’m packing it. The last thing I would want is a blizzard and having to worry about her getting snow to the face after we get released.
  3. Name Sign. Can’t wait to share her name with everyone 🙂
  4. Blanket. To keep her warm and cuddled!
  5. Pacifiers and clip. I’m brining this one and this one. I don’t know which one she will like so I figured I’d bring two! I’m also bringing this pacifier clip.
  6. Outfits. I’m bringing 3 total outfits for her.. here are the links to all the different ones!
    1. Outfit #1
      1. Lou Lou & Company knotted gown with blanket, and mittens (newborn size)
      2. Velvet Bow
      3. Pom Pom Hat
      4. Socks
    2. Outfit #2
      1. Ruffle Footie PJ’s (size 0-3m)
      2. Floral Swaddle
      3. Mittens (recommended for long nails!)
      4. Bow (color Mocha, size newborn)
      5. Socks
    3. Outfit #3
      1. Bodysuit (newborn)
      2. Pom Pom Swaddle Blanket
      3. Mittens (recommended for long nails!)
      4. Bow
      5. Socks

For Tommy:

  1. 2-3 Outfits. Not sure what he will bring but for sure comfortable clothes
  2. All the same typical toiletries as me
  3. His own pillow AND blankets
  4. Baby book page for foot stamp
  5. Birth plan
  6. Insurance Cards
  7. ID’s

One more thing I wanted to mention, I’ll be packing all of my stuff and baby’s stuff in a small rolling suit case, this way I won’t have to worry about physically carrying it after we get released. I’ll have Tommy bring his own duffle bag with his stuff and probably all of the snacks.

WHEWWWWW! I think that is everything. I know this blog post seems super long and is probably overwhelming. However, I promise once you start packing, it really isn’t that much stuff. As I mentioned above, I’m probably bringing way more than what I need, but I feel confident with all of it so I’m happy. 🙂

I hope this helps you guys out or gives you ideas if you need to pack a hospital bag sometime in the future! I’ll try to update you sometime after delivery for MUST HAVES that I’m happy I brought as well as things I could’ve done without.

Talk soon!

Peace & Love,

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