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Top Baby Registry Items

I never realized how overwhelming creating a baby registry would be, until I started doing one. Why do babies need so much stuff?!?

I guess they really don’t need much more than diapers, their mom, food, and clothes… but I want to make sure I’m prepared for any circumstance! There were a few resources I used when creating this registry, so I want to share them with you all before getting into the top things I have on ours!

I asked family/friends I’m close with that have recently had a little one for their top 5 baby products that I need on my registry. Gentle Nursery’s “Non Toxic Baby Registry Check List” (linked) also came in handy, I went down her list and added almost everything to my registry. There were a few things I skipped or got different brands of, but it was extremely helpful. Another source I used was Karrie Locher’s baby registry check list, if you sign up for her newsletter, she sends a PDF to your email!

I decided to register at BuybuyBaby and Amazon. BuyBuybaby is easy for people to use and they have a ton of items on there, especially the bigger ticketed ones that can’t always be found on Amazon. I used Amazon because almost everyone is familiar with that site and its extremely easy to do returns/get credit there. I believe you can also do returns up to a year with Amazon’s registry (don’t quote me on this). Both sites also let you know if something on your registry is out of stock or anything like that so you’re able to update it.

Alright… let’s get into my top items on my registry! I’m not going to share every little thing because you guys would be reading for hours, but I’ll share the bigger items!

  1. Halo Bassinet. I decided against the Snoo because not only is it very expensive, but I’ve heard from multiple people that they struggled transitioning their little one into the crib after using this. I’ve also heard great things about it, however! But for us and our family, the Halo Bassinet was my top item. It swivels 360 degrees, has night lights, can be height adjusted, can lower the bedside wall to make it easier to get baby out, and it is JPMA certified. I also added the newborn insert to my registry.
  2. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller. I decided on this after we picked out our car seat because I knew it would fit in it with a converter. The car seat we are going with is the Clek Liing Infant seat, which we decided on after having a consultation with @thecarseatlady. She mentioned this is a great stroller to pair with that car seat, and I had my eyes on it anyways. I love that it comes with a bassinet for walks and can also be converted into a two-person stroller for if we have another little one someday! I also got some accessory pieces to go along with the stroller:
    1. Travel Bag
    2. Car Seat Adapter
    3. Organizer
    4. Snack Tray
    5. Cup Holder
  3. Snuggleme Organic Lounger. I loved this because I’ve heard from multiple people it fits great in the bassinet if I ever want to cuddle her up in there. It’s also easy to grab and carry around the house to set on the bed, bathroom floor, couch, etc. (obviously always supervised). I got the color “natural”. Another selling point for me is that it’s made with 100% organic cotton fabric!
  4. Ubbi Diaper Pale. This product was recommended repeatedly by my friends/family that I asked for items to add to the registry. I honestly never thought about a diaper pale until they told me. I was always thinking I’d just throw the diapers in the garbage… but I can see how that would get stinky very quickly.
  5. BabyBjorn Carrier. The Gentle Nursery guide convinced me on this one and I also loved it because it’s not super girly that I think Tommy would wear it as well!
  6. Babybjorn Bouncer. Another product I’ve heard incredible things about, I know it’s not as convenient as others because you have to manually bounce it but I don’t think I’ll mind that 
  7. Hussh Portable White Noise Machine. If our little one is anything like Tommy and I (and she’s 50% of both of us) … then I know she will need white noise to sleep. I added 3 of these to the registry so that we can keep on in the stroller, one in the car, and one by her bassinet.
  8. Swaddle Blankets. It’s obviously hard to know what swaddle our baby will love so I registered for the most popular one’s people told me!
    1. Halo Swaddle
    2. Love to Dream
    3. Muslin Swaddle
    4. Aden + Anais
    5. SwaddleMe
  9. Philips Glass Bottles. This is another thing that we will have to wait and see what she likes/doesn’t like but I loved that these were all glass instead of plastic!
  10. Ryan & Rose. I love how cute these are so I sure hope she likes them haha!
  11. Socks.I’ve heard this is one item that a lot of people forget but are a must have on the registry, and a lot of them! I added about 4 packs of these ones 
  12. Sophie La Girafe. I’m not sure what it is about this teething toy, but I saw it on a lot of peoples list… so here we are haha!
  13. Haakaa Breast Pump. Another thing so many people swore by! It semes pretty easy to use as well, so hopefully I love it as much as everyone else.
  14. Nuna Pack & Play. I think we will love this for when we travel. It can be easily packed up and carried through the airport and can be taken anywhere with us, even to our parent’s houses. It’s also Greenguard Gold Certified 
  15. Vava Night light. I think this will be great for those late night feeding sessions to just have a little light without turning on all the lights!

These are most of the bigger items that are on the registry, there are a lot more things like burp cloths, butt cream, nose Frida products, etc. but those are all little things that the two ladies I tagged above cover! I hope this helps some of you decide on things to put on your registry  I know it can be so overwhelming but there are tons of free sources out there that help.

Be on the lookout for other blog posts coming with the nursery design, hospital bag, nursing cart, etc. And as always, if you have specific requests for blogs you want to see, please let me know 

Talk soon!

Peace & Love,

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