One Year Old Gift Guide

Can you believe it's already Christmas time?

I’m not sure about you, but September-December always fly by for us. So here we are, a few weeks out from Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! I thought I would put together a little One year old gift guide that can be used for Christmas or even birthdays!

It’s a weird time because one year olds are starting to understand some toys and play with them, but also still wanting to eat every toy they see LOL! I hope this guide helps!

One quick reminder – the only gift our kids really need is our love, never feel pressured to buy them anything if it’s out of your budget. Something as simple as spending the day with them at the park or drawing a picture with them will make them the happiest little one ever.

These are items we are getting Mia for Christmas or that she already has and loves. Let’s get into it 🙂

1. A Is for Apple book.

This has been Mia’s favorite book for as long as I can remember. She loves opening the tabs and flipping the pages. I think she loves it so much because the pages are so simple with just one word/picture versus extremely busy. It seems like she’s able to comprehend it more!

2. Melissa & Doug Bear Dress-Up Puzzle.

You’ll be seeing a lot of Melissa & Doug toys on this guide, they are her absolute favorite toys. I like them too because they’re open ended toys that allow her to use her imagination. She has been liking puzzles more the last few week so this is a Christmas gift!

3. Lego Number Train.

I thought this could be a good way to start introducing numbers to her and she loves anything on wheels that she can push around. It’s also hard to find legos that aren’t too small and cause choking, these seem to be big enough!

4. Melissa & Doug Bus Play Set.

She already has another toy like this with 2 little figurines and she carries them around all over the place. Again another open ended toy great for her imagination!

5. Tender Leaf Wooden Family.

Tender Leaf Toys are another one of my favorite brands for her toys, any toy she has from them she plays with for so long. Give your baby a cardboard box and these 4 figurines and watch them get creative with play.

6. Building Blocks.

Mia doesn’t play with these quite yet but I think they will be something she loves in a few months. Being that her birthday won’t roll around again until next October, I wanted to get her things that she will play with next Summer as well!

7. Playsilk Scarf.

As of recently, Mia has loved to drag things around the house and twirl them in circles, not sure why haha! I thought this scarf would be perfect for that and something she can use for pretend play when she’s older as well!

8. Coloring Book and Crayons.

Coloring is another thing that she hasn’t showed interest in quite yet but I think she’s pretty close. She still tries to eat the crayons but will sometimes start color with them too. I thought this would be great to bring to church to help keep her occupied. These are the crayons I got go go with it.

9. Magnetic Tiles.

These are a huge hit according to a few of my friends so I wanted to try them out for her. Another open ended toy that allows her to use her creativity!

10. Seny Kids Clothing.

Of course I had to include this in here because I think it can be a great gift for your little one or any babies/toddlers you know! Bamboo fabric is the best because it keeps your little one warm on the coolest days and cool on the warmest days!

11. Realistic Babydoll.

Mia doesn’t have a realistic doll yet so I did some research on brands and came across Miniland dolls. The company is amazing the more you read about it. They pride themselves on having diverse dolls and also have some that have down syndrome which I thought was amazing.

12. Sereed Balance Bike.

Mia actually got this for her birthday when she turned one in October. She didn’t like it at first but now that she’s a little older she has been LOVING it!

13. Lalaboom Pop Beads.

I’m not sure what it is about these toys but they distract Mia for SO long. She tries to pop them together, pull them apart, lines them up on the window sill, etc. It’s fun to watch her brain work with these things.

14. Play Kitchen.

A kitchen is definitely an investment piece but something that I think will get used for years. I have talked to people who said their 10 year old still plays with their play kitchen! I’m sure you can find more affordable ones elsewhere but I wanted one that would last a while.

15. Kitchen Mixer.

This goes along with number 14, but anytime I use my big Kitchen Aid mixer Mia is so intrigued so I thought it would be fun if she had her own!

16. Train Set.

The train set we have for Mia is actually one that my brother and I had growing up but it is very similar to this one. Another toy that kids play with for YEARS!

17. Anywhere Chair.

We got this chair for Mia last year for Christmas when she was only 2 months old. We obviously knew she wouldn’t use it for a while but now she is obsessed with it. She has climbed on this chair everyday for the last 6 months! When we purchased it, there weren’t size options, but Mia’s chair size is the closets to the “kids” one.

18. Never Touch Books.

There are a ton of never touch books, we have about 4 and Mia loves them. They are a great book to bring to church because she stays distracted with it for about 10 minutes, which is a win haha!

19. LCD Doodle Board.

I thought this would be a great Christmas gift for her because she’s able to draw with it, but not make a mess with crayons/markers. This is something that I think would be great on an airplane as well if you have any upcoming travel plans!

20. Investment/Money.

If you’re purchasing a gift for a niece/nephew, grandchild, etc., it does’t hurt to ask the parents if they have a college fund account set up for them. A monetary donation to that is a gift that will be much appreciated by the parents, trust me!


WOW I’m finally done!! If you stuck around until the end, thank you lol! I know this was long but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also, if you are shopping for a little baby, please check out my favorite baby items blog post, all items are still my favorites for a really little one! I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and Holiday season. 🙂


Peace & Love,

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