My Journey With Laser Hair Removal

I’m choosing to make 2020 the year of taking care of myself, both physically and emotionally.

To me, this means investing in my body, my mind, and practicing self-care. I find that there are times where I put so much of myself into building up others that I end up neglecting ME. 

So, 2020 is the year! It’s time to take care of me! If I want to take care of others, I need to be sure to take care of myself first. 

I’m going to be sharing a few of my new year self-care practices — some I just know I need to make a priority and one that extremely excited about. What are your best practices when it comes to getting to being your best self? I am working on bringing hot yoga into my workout routine, scheduling regular deep tissue massages/sports massages, more reading for enjoyment (not just self-help), and the one I’m thrilled to make time for — getting laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but 2020 is it — the year I’m starting to say goodbye to time spent shaving. I’m starting with my armpits, but I’m hoping to target other areas in the future. I naturally have dark underarm hair and so shaving is an absolute must, but if you’re anything like me, it’s also a pain in the butt. And don’t even get me started on when you accidentally cut yourself, then apply deodorant, and then sweat… I can feel my armpits burning now actually.

I also live in a climate where tank tops are not a commonly worn piece of clothing in the winter months…so I use that as an excuse to skip shaving. And we all know what happens when you do that…somehow you end up in a situation where your armpits are most definitely showing, and you instantly regret not shaving. Been there, done that!

Anywho… I’ve never had any type of laser hair removal treatment done before so I’m excited to take you along on this journey and let you know my thoughts, where I’m going, if it’s worth it, etc.!

First of all, I researched and searched high and low for clinics to get this done at and decided on Milan Laser (the Brookfield location). The biggest reason I chose Milan is that they ONLY do laser hair removal. A lot of other places do it on the side, but don’t specialize in it. I feel really confident with the fact that Milan Laser will take care of me! They also have a lifetime warranty on the treatment which is incredible! 

I have had two treatments done so far and am already noticing results. I’m totally excited! They are estimating I will need around 8 treatments with 5 weeks between each one for the hair to be fully gone. After only one treatment I’ve noticed that my hair is already way thinner than before! 

I’m excited to take you guys along this little journey of self-care. Have you ever considered laser hair removal? Leave your questions for me or, better yet, check out the Milan website to book a consultation

ALSO. BEST NEWS EVER: Mention my coupon code Novotny60 for 60% your purchase of any Unlimited Package at any of Milan’s 70+ locations. 

Make 2020 the year you actually take care of yourself – you deserve it!

Until Next Time.

Peace and Love,

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