Top 10 Tips For Glowing and Flawless Skin

Glowing, flawless, and beautiful skin is something all women strive for, but there’s a constant battle we fight by having to deal with hormones, make up, stress, and sweat.

Those things can cause breakouts, blemishes, and clogged pores, which make us stress even more about our skin and then we stress about stressing and AHHHHH! It’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

While I’ve been very blessed and never had cystic acne, or just acne in general, I have struggled with hormonal and stress induced breakouts. The stress breakouts seem to be some of the worst – those pimples deep in your skin where your whole face actually hurts, I bet you know what I’m talking about. They suck.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more and more conscious of my skin – things I can do to keep it looking younger, healthier, and overall flawless! Obviously, I still have little zits here and there but nothing like I used to have. Now I get three to five zits a month instead of waking up with three to five new ones every day. Below are my top ten tips to lead you down the path of flawless and glowing skin like the women you see on magazine covers (without having to use photoshop 😉 ) 

  1. NEVER, EVER wear make-up to the gym. Foundation will most likely soak into your pores, clog them up, and cause breakouts. If you’re self-conscious, you can keep your eye makeup on but no foundation what-so-ever. The first week or two may be hard but I promise it will be worth it. You’re beautiful the way you are, so there’s no need for make-up, especially in the gym!
  2. Wash your face after the gym. The first thing I do when I get home from working out or back from a run is wash my face using warm water and a good cleanser. This will prevent that sweat from drying up and soaking into your skin
  3. Wash your hands before washing your face. We use our hands for literally everything – opening door handles, flushing the toilet, pressing the elevator button, starting our car… I think you get the point. Our hands have tons of germs on them. If you wash your face without washing your hands prior, you can only imagine all of the germs that are touching your face.
  4. Hold your phone away from your face. Bouncing off number three, our phones could arguably be the next germ filled item we use on a daily basis. So if you have a phone call, never rest your phone on your face, but hold it away and don’t let it touch your skin. This is a simple thing that could save you from massive breakouts.
  5. Clean your makeup brushes. I deep clean mine once a month. I’ve found that water and a little dish soap in a bowl work VERY well and gets them super clean! You’ll be disgusted at how much make up is soaked into them.
  6. Wash your pillowcases. This seems to be a given but can be overlooked! Every week when Tommy and I do our laundry I throw my pillow case in with it. Think of how many hours we spend on that one piece of cloth throughout the week… Yikes! I bet you’re running to your bedroom right now and throwing that pillowcase in the laundry 😉
  7. WATER! The cheapest form of skin care 😉 I recommend .5 oz of water per 1 pound of body weight. Water is very hydrating and will provide your skin with vitamins, minerals, and hydration to help it glow.
  8. Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods. If your diet consists of ice cream, cookies, and highly processed foods, your skin is going to take a hit. Our bodies weren’t meant to consume all that processed stuff so it will fight back and let us know by blessing us with zits. Eat those fruits and veggies!
  9. Stop picking/touching/popping. Try to avoid picking at current breakouts, new pimples, or just rubbing your face in general. This can cause scarring and even more breakouts to occur.
  10. Use Sunscreen/SPF moisturizer daily. This one or this one are my favorite daily moisturizers that are light but still protective from the sun.

All of these tips are things you can implement today, without having to purchase a thing! They’re simple and easy adjustments that can make a world of difference. I have a list of my favorite products, but I will be sharing my full skin care routine in a completely separate post!

Now go get that glowing and flawless skin, girl!

Until next time.

Peace & Love,

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