Everything You Need to Know About Habit Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

It seems as if I have been trying to grow out my hair since I was in seventh grade, a good 12 years.  I know the reasons why my hair won’t grow past a certain length without splitting off. 

It’s due to the fact that I highlight it, bleach it, wear it in a high ponytail, straighten it, etc. I guess that’s what it takes to be a blonde.  If there are any ladies reading this who are thinking of dying their hair blonde…make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Before I dive into the details of hair extensions, there are a few things I’ve found that have helped my hair grow, so I’ll share them with you!

  1. Wash it 1-2 times a week. DRY SHAMPOO WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND
  2. Massaging your scalp before bed, I know this sounds weird but people say it works so I do it!
  3. Wet hair brush – this is easier on your hair, especially if it’s fine like mine
  4. Rubbing coconut oil at the ends of the hair before styling, and sometime massaging into the scalp
  5. 1st Phorm’s Hair, Skin, and Nail supplement
  6. Limit the number of products you use in your hair

Okay… now onto the good stuff and probably the reason you’re here – HAIR EXTENSIONS.  In my 25 years on this earth I’ve had about every type of hair extension under the sun. Beaded, bonded, clip in, (about six different kinds) Hidden Crown Halo…You name it, I’ve probably had it! I had been tossing around the idea of getting permanent ones put in again but was just worried they would damage my hair even more. Also, to be honest – the last time I had permanent extensions I was still in high school, and I didn’t necessarily take the best care of them, nor did I know how to properly style them.


When I started throwing around the idea of getting them again, I wanted to make sure they were the best quality and cause the least amount of damage. I started doing some major research on all of the different types, and let me tell you, there are hundreds! One specific brand stuck out – Habit Hand-Tied Extensions. I actually discovered these when I wasn’t even searching. I’m not sure if any of you remember Amanda Stanton from season 20 of The Bachelor, but the first time I saw these extensions, it was on her.  Habit Hand-Tied Extensions’ founder is Chrissy Rasmussen, owner of Habit Salon in Gilbert, Arizona. When I saw the extensions on Amanda, I was struck with how natural they looked – especially on a blonde. With blonde hair it’s usually harder to hide extensions because the beads/rows/clips always seem to show no matter how hard you try.


Not all stylists can do Habit Hand-Tied extensions. The necessary certification can be earned by taking an educational course found through Habit Salon.  If you are thinking of getting this type of extension, you may have to do a little research to find someone in your area who is trained on how to do it.

Loren Kramer, owner of White Brick Salon in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and my hairstylist for our wedding, was certified in Habit Hand-Tied extensions in the spring of 2018. Loren reached out to me back in September asking if I would be interested in hair extensions… obviously I said yes! We set up a time when I was home for Thanksgiving and spent four hours together making my hair look long, luscious, and beautiful! Now that I am living in Colorado, I am going to Melissa Higman from Bello Haven Hair Extensions for maintenance on my extensions every 8ish weeks to get them moved up and readjusted!


Read on for all the details you need to know about Habit Hand-Tied extensions (below) and WHY they are so amazing!

  1. What is a Habit Hand-Tied Extension? It’s a weft of 100% real human hair that is hand-tied into your natural hair by a row of beads.
  2. Who are these for? ANYBODY; thin hair, thick hair, short hair, long hair, light hair, dark hair, healthy hair, damaged hair, even individuals who have a medical condition preventing them from growing hair.
  3. What makes these extensions better than others? There is no heat, no glue, no melting, and no sticky tape involved. Therefore, both the installation and removal process is painless and gentle on your hair.
  4. How long do they last? Like all extensions, it comes down to how well you take care of your hair, but they can last anywhere from eight months to one year. To extend the life of the extensions, frequent trimming and deep conditioning is recommended.
  5. How often will you need touch ups? Clients with fine or thin hair will need maintenance every six to eight weeks. Clients with thick or dense hair will need maintenance every eight to ten weeks.
  6. “I’m worried they aren’t going to match my current hair color, now what?” Because of the quality of the hair, your stylist is able to custom color the weft to give it a seamless blend.
  7. How much do they cost? This truly varies – all stylists charge different rates and consultations are required to determine how many wefts will be needed. They can range from $700-$2,500.
  8. What are the different lengths? They can be ordered in 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”, and after installation the hair is always cut to blend and can be altered based on the client’s wants and needs.
  9. How do you take care of them?
    1. Use silk pillowcases – they prevent your hair from getting tangled while you sleep
    2. Sleeping in a braid or low pony will prevent your hair from snarling
    3. Use high quality hair products – sulfate free, no parabens, etc.
    4. Proper brushing – invest in a soft boar bristle brush or something similar to a wet brush
    5. Oils are great for the ends of the hair. Ex: Moroccan oil, Argan oil, etc. However, try to avoid oil at the root
    6. Serums to leave it silky and smooth, my favorite is Kristin Ess Working Serum
    7. Deep conditioning treatments – once every two weeks
  10. How do I find someone near me that does them? Instagram is probably the best way to find a trained stylist. If you’re near the Wisconsin area, I 100% recommend Loren. And if you’re in the Colorado area, I 100% recommend Melissa. I can promise you, both of these ladies will take GREAT care of you and your hair!


Now that I’ve had my extensions for 3 months, I am completely obsessed with them and never want to be without them! If you have any more hair extension questions, leave a comment!

Until next time.

Peace & Love,

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