My Favorite Winter Style Tips

Seasons change, leaves change, and wardrobes change!  Changing my wardrobe from summer to winter is one of my favorite things.

There are so many fun and cute ways to dress when the weather is cooler. Growing up in Wisconsin where it’s cold eight months out of the year…I have a lot of experience with it!  If you happen to live in the south, crank up your air conditioning so you can take part in the fun winter clothes, ☺ or I guess you could just travel somewhere cold!

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your style has to drop along with it. Now don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite parts of colder weather is bundling up in baggy sweatpants and my dad’s old sweatshirt from the 80’s.  However, you won’t catch me wearing that out for date night with Tommy – he would probably disown me! Anyway – I always feel better about myself when I dress cute, look good, feel good… am I right?

Here are a few of my favorite ways to style up in the winter!  I will also share some of my favorite places to get everything ☺

  1. Over the knee (OTK) boots.  STOP what you’re doing and don’t pack away that skirt you bought in August, let’s just swap the flip-flops for the boots, and BAM!  There’s you’re winter outfit! Pairing OTK boots with a high waisted skirt can be perfect for Sunday Mass, Saturday brunch, or a shopping trip with your girls.  You could also dress this style up with a leather skirt and some tights for the perfect Friday date night outfit with your hubby. These boots can also be worn with a sweater dress for a cute casual outfit or thrown over your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Some of my favorite OTK boots are here and here

  1. Scarves. I think we all know this by now… but there are so many different types and ways to style scarves!  It can take your outfit from plain Jane to Fashionable Felicia! Wearing a sweater with jeans? Throw a scarf on and make the outfit ten times cuter. Scarves are also extremely affordable and can be found at basically any store!
  2. Vests.  Faux fur, puffy, or fleece… I name it you need it!  These three vests are staples in my closet and I sure get my money’s worth for how often I wear them.  Vests can be used to add warmth, a layer, style, or all three. A faux fur vest can be added to a flannel shirt for a festive outfit (maybe picking out your Christmas tree) or added to a sweater dress for the perfect Friendsgiving outfit.  Like faux fur vests, fleece vests can be added to any outfit to dress it up or add another layer. As far as puffy vests go…I normally use them for a little added warmth to my outfits when I don’t feel like lugging around a big coat. If I’m headed to the gym or the grocery store – it’s the perfect thing to throw on before heading out the door.


Until next time.

Peace & Love,

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