5 Fall Porch Decorations that will LEAF you Feeling Festive

I picked up a few things along the way, pinned every aesthetically pleasing pic on Pinterest for a little inspo and now I'm here to bring you 5 Fall Porch Decorations that will LEAF you Feeling Festive. And yes, the pun is very much so intended hahaha.

What’s the second best thing next to buying/renting a new home???? You guessed it; Being able to decorate it and make it your own cozy space. Now as you may know, Tommy and I bought our first house together earlier this past summer and have had help from a select few. Shoutout bff Paige for helping us to make sure our new house is so much more than just a house; It’s a home. So, fast forward to now and it’s FALL. I picked up a few things along the way, pinned every aesthetically pleasing pic on Pinterest for a little inspo and now I’m here to bring you five Fall Porch Decorations that will LEAF you Feeling Festive. And yes, the pun is very much so intended hahaha.

Let’s get started.

5. Give ’em PUMPKIN to Talk About

The easiest and most common decoration for your porch are pumpkins!! They are super affordable and can be found pretty much anywhere this time of year! Pumpkin patches, groceryIMG_5835 stores, and hardware stores should all have a wonderful selection of pumpkins. The best part about pumpkins is that not one of them looks the same! Just like my display shown here, you will find varying shades, shapes, sizes, etc. at your local store.  Taking advantage of this variety will give you a beautiful showing of orange, yellow, and even white. Gourds will add even more, throwing in a color like green! The best way to style these is by stacking or layering, as if in a patch. I heard something awhile back about odd numbers and how they are the most visually appealing, so I followed that and layered my pumpkins in odd amounts.

4. Wreath

A wreath is one of the most important pieces to add to your newly decorated porch this IMG_5811Fall. Why, you might ask? It’s easy. This is what ties the entire look together. The sprinkles to your metaphorical sundae, that is obviously your porch hahaha. Think about it.. most people put decorations on both sides of the door, which is absolutely adorable, but that gives no depth to your porch. The wreath is what draws the eye in, but also leads it to the underlying pumpkins, hay, etc. Wreaths come in so many colors and sizes, which means the perfect wreath for your door is out there somewhere! I happened to find mine at Home Goods. So, if your porch needs an extra pop of color, or just a little something extra that says welcome to those walking up, consider adding a wreath!

3. Wooden Crates

Another great addition to your fall porch decorations are wooden crates. This is not a must have, but crates add dimension and give homes to smaller decorations, such as letterboxes, lights, etc. This was exactly what I needed, and I really think it pulled everything together! I also decided to alternate colors to spice it up. This resulted in a more aesthetically pleasing display than if I would have used only one color or three different colors. Look at all the little details I was able to add just by purchasing these three wooden crates!

2. Sending Love to All the Mums

This decoration probably deserves to be number one due to how many places I visited before finding the perfect set, but you’ll see why it’s not in a minute. ANYWAYS…. MUMS!!! Red, orange, yellow, green, pink, etc. they come in all colors and sizes. In my opinion, the bigger the better!!! They’re fairly inexpensive for how big and beautiful they are. I decided to go with a maroon and gold pair to put on opposite sides of my porch. These will truly give the pop of color your fall porch needs. When making my list of things I wanted to purchase for this project, mums were at the top. Another added bonus for mums is their lifespan, is much longer than you’d expect, even with the colder weather quickly approaching!

1. Welcome Mat

My #1 fall porch decoration is a welcome mat!!! Now, before you say, “Laura that’s so basic; Everyone has a welcome mat.” HOLD UP, because I’m talking about personalized welcome mats! Tommy and I have a customized “Welcome to The Novotny’s” porch mat that is so unique and is such a cute touch. We got this as a housewarming gift from our friends Steve and Taylor, and they found it on Etsy! Other ideas for welcome mat sayings could be something like Pumpkin Patch: Open Daily, Hey There, Pumpkin, or literally anything besides Welcome, because what fun is that?! haha. It’s 2019!! Let’s be unique and creative with this year’s porch decor!

Now, go get that inspo pinned and shopping list made! It’s time to make your porch fall-ready. I would love to see what you guys come up with, so tag me in your 2019 porch decor!

Until next time.

Peace & Love,

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