set your soul

on fire.

set your soul

on fire.

i'm laura julaine

A health and fitness fanatic who abandoned the corporate accounting world to pursue my true passions, lead my own life, and inspire you to find what sets your soul on fire.

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The Top Most Influential Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do when I’m driving in the car, doing cardio, or getting ready for the day is to listen to a podcast. Instead of spending empty time like that listening to music or sitting in silence, I like to spend my time wisely and learn a little!

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Protein Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

Anyone else crave a warm mug of hot chocolate while relaxing and watching the Hallmark Channel? Because me too! Well, I have a surprise for you!

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Let's workout together.

the daily training membership

For only $7.99 a month ($0.27 a day), you will receive two workouts every day – a full gym workout and an at home workout. These are workouts I have created myself, that I know you will love and yet at the same time maybe hate.

Along with that, there are 300+ video demos of each movement for you to reference.

Custom workouts,
delivered to you
every day.

The subscription will include daily workouts. Each Sunday, the workouts for the week will be posted. 

There will be lifting sessions, cardio, core, as well as intervals mixed in each week.

I will post an at home workout and a gym workout each day so you can choose which one you want to do. Or – if you’re feeling extra motivated, you can do both!

My goal behind all of this is to create a community. Once a subscriber, you will have access to my private Facebook group and the opportunity to attend retreats facilitated by me where we all get together, hang out, work out, eat food, become best friends, and do life together!!

what the members have to say:

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